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Our Philosophy

We all know that maintenance and proper care is critical when keeping our vehicles in tip-top shape, but would you put anything other than gasoline in your gas tank and expect your car to run perfectly? Of course not! At The Fuel Good Cafe, we supply the right food, or FUEL for all aspects of life's demands, whether you are an endurance athlete or someone just looking to kick their health up a notch. We know how difficult it can be to eat well when you’re busy, so we’ve taken care of the prep and guesswork for you - we’ve formulated every recipe with your physical well being in mind. Everything is prepared on site, with the freshest of ingredients and made from scratch so you receive the most nutritional bang for your buck! From smoothies to sandwiches, soups, salads and beyond, you'll never leave feeling dissatisfied OR like you're running on empty.

Here at The Fuel Good Cafe, you might notice we do a few things “different” than what you’re used to. We whole-heartedly believe in “Fueling to Feel Good”, and....since (as Einstein so astutely pointed out) energy cannot be created nor destroyed only transformed from 1 form to another (as in calories that don’t go to movement go to fat) we decided offering meals that leave you balanced and vibrant was more important than stuffing you to the point of sluggishness. When you eat at the Fuel Good you can relax in knowing that we’ve already removed the distortions from our portions.

Each menu item contains less than 600 calories*, and is made with your health in mind. For example, all of our salads contain almost an entire day’s RDA of Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant that some studies suggest has a role in protecting you against heart disease and stroke.

Want to know more about what our offerings can do for you? Just ask! Or check out our nutrition page for more information.........

*A large (24oz) Peanut Butter Cup smoothie contains 721 calories; however we offer a “lighter” version with 559 calories

Welcome to the newest member of our team - Carl Perone!

Having spent 50 years in the food service business, we are excited to welcome Carl Perone, aka "Pop" to the Fuel Good kitchen!  Although born and raised in Hackensack, NJ, we've recruited him out of his retirement in Delray Beach, FL, and at 89 years young, he's still whipping up some of the freshest entree's and Italian staples our family has grown up on him.  While we have no doubt his culinary prowess will fuel your bodies, we are confident that his charming personality and sharp wit will fill your heart!