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(May 20 - May 23, 2013)


We will be CLOSED on FRIDAY 5/24- Enjoy Memorial Day Weekend!

Smoothie: Carrot Cake Smoothie Your eyes and body will thank you for this!  Loaded with a whole day's RDA of Vitamin A, you'll feel like you're drinking a delicious treat.  Carrots, banana, soymilk, cinnamon & vanilla.

24 oz: $5.99  16 oz: $4.29

Soup of the day (While supplies last) Give us a call or stop in to see what’s cookin’! Cup, Bowl or Quart sizes available!

Salad: Pesto Pasta Salad We toss our whole wheat penne pasta with pesto, add in some juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumber, peppery arugula and a smidge of feta cheese and top off with our citrusy lemon-garlic dressing...delish! Whole: $6.29  Half: $4.99

Sandwich: Turkey Taco  A delicious combination of spices, sauteed onions and ground turkey accompanied by creamy guacamole, savory salsa, chopped tomatoes, shredded romaine and cheddar cheese One Size: $5.25